SpaceWars (The Book)

SpaceWars is a book authored by Phillip Moxley. It’s a book about near earth space written in the second person. It is not exactly a normal book as it deviates quite a lot from typical conventions. The book is fully written and being released under a version method because the figures are not complete yet. The figures are integral to the book, and are in development. Thus, as new figures are produced new versions will be published.


Latest Version in pdf ——SpaceWars 0.31 Alpha


Why in the 2nd person? —— Because you want to go into space.


Why version control on a book? —— Because it’s a book with pictures that have not been finished. As things progress the version number will get closer to 1.


Is this fiction or non-fiction? ——  neither


Older Versions (also pdf):

SpaceWars 0.3 Alpha

SpaceWars 0.2 Alpha

SpaceWars 0.12 Alpha

SpaceWars 0.11 Alpha

SpaceWars 0.10 Alpha