The Department of Homeland Security has cleared this website

October 31, 2013 -

Apparently on September 19th 2013 someone at the Department of Homeland Security visited this website and browsed the whole thing. They looked through the pages and cleared the website of any potential threat. This visit serves as our first official recognition here at Time to celebrate passing the inspection!

There is a really good figure coming up for publication on Saturday night.

A screenshot of the analytics filtered of course.


Update on getting to the moon

October 18, 2013 -

We are running ahead of schedule for now. All of the figures for Chapter 1 are finished, and ready to be published. This means that Chapter 2 will be published on November 17th. I think the figure published tonight, and the next new moon, are pretty classy. You’ll have to decide for yourself, the figure about rocket fuel was rendered with a ray-tracing engine (but will not be published until 11-3/11-4.  Until the next full moon…

Latest figure:

Figure 6: Artificial Gravity

Alright we finally have some of the book published

September 5, 2013 -

After some strange twists and turns the publishing of the book has begun. The twist is that it will be published under a version control system (whatever that means). This is all happening because the figures are integral to the book itself, but have not been fully completed. Also, since the book already deviates from normal conventions by being in the 2nd person. Also, because it is a book on the internet.

This ‘version control publishing scheme’  gives me the advantage of being able to work out the figures to the perfection I need while at the same time editing the actual text of the book to perfection. Obviously, the idea is to produce a good product under the stress on not being able to release anything in the meantime.

So check out the initial alpha release of the book SpaceWars.

The last full moon of August 2013

August 22, 2013 -

The last full moon of August was on the 21st. However, since the full moon was at 1:45 am it happened during the night that started on August 20th. To add some more confusion into the mix, the calendar I’m using appears to be 4-8 hours different than many others available.

All the same, figure 3 went up that night on the images page. The figure describes how delta-v relates to fuel when moving about space.  Immediately, after posting it I found an error in it. Today those errors have been fixed. The places (Lagrange, Moon, Mars, LEO) were not defined well enough. They lacked a ‘where from’ note. Now you should be able to get a rough fuel estimate for getting from place to place using the map in figure 2.

In addition, I found the time to render out a massive number of still images that could be used as some sort of calendar. The stills are a byproduct of the video I made last new moon. This is a zip file containing some 3000+ still images approximating the planetary positions on that day. Don’t take any kind of ‘clue’ that the last day in the set is April 28th 2022. This is just when I killed the render process.  As usual, they are licensed Creative Commons Attribution only and contain said attribution.

Mega Download link

Keep in mind that Mega has been blocked in some places at some times, so get/repost it while you can.


Video Page Up and working

August 6, 2013 -

Today is the new moon. Accordingly, there is a new video section on the website. The video is a theme on the previous figures, an animation showing the next few years of planetary movements. The animation is not very precise. However, it does give a general idea of the position of the planets.

The animation is not the entire story. In order to make the animation each and every day had to be rendered separately. I didn’t have to do it this way, it just made the quality of the video turn out right. Anyways, there stills for every day soon to come. It will be a rather large zip file probably a couple of gigs. The video is only for August 6 + 946 days. Don’t ask why, its just what I could get the render engine to do for now. However, the still will likely be for some thousands of days.

Keep in mind that this is a fairly cartoonish animation.

Publishing Schedule

July 9, 2013 -

The website has been tweaked to be better. Look for new publications every new and full moon.

Yesterday”s post is a basic image about transit time throughout the solar system. There are more of these to come, and they will be posted on the images page.

New publications could be an image, article, or even a video so stay tuned.

Website Revamp Under Way

July 6, 2013 -

A long time in the making. This website has finally come due for an upgrade. The content will be drastically changing over the next few months. Lots of cool stuff to come.