About Colonize the Moon

Colonize the Moon is a website created by Phillip Moxley about communicating the utility of resources from space. This describes colonize the moon generally, but there are other locations that humans can actually go to. Asteroids, Mars, and just about anything inside Jupiter’s orbit around the sun are somewhat within the grasp of humanity. This means that interstellar travel is off the table (which is actually true). However, it is not as limiting as one might think.

In the grand tradition of misnomers, this website is not about sending colonies to the moon. If you do some research, you will find that human habitation of the moon’s surface is not possible in the long term. Colonize-the-Moon is about communicating the ideas of space advocates of all flavors using as little fiction as possible to convey the concepts.

All of the places and things near earth in space have resources. These resources are vast, and hard to grasp in quantity. Even more difficult is explaining the particulars of using these resources. Usually, the task of describing what to do with the resources becomes a daunting technical manuscript. The details about space near earth are more boring that legalese. In fact, legalese may be easier to listen to than space-ese. Often scientists use their own jargon, acronyms, and insider knowledge. Sometimes using these terms and concepts becomes unavoidable. However, here at Colonize the Moon we go to extreme measures to avoid using this type language.

There are a lot of things in our tiny little neighborhood that are pretty awesome. The resources and implications are so vast that it makes many of humanities most urgent problems seem like child’s play. In economies of scale the ideas presented by space advocates are capable of diffusing systemic world problems.

If we are talking about the moon then this is about remotely accessing a small portion of the resources we know to exist on the moon. There are also vast stores of wealth in asteroids, and still more on Mars, and still more beyond that. To say it simply the bounty of space is greater than a million times the value of all nations on earth.

Make no mistake. This is no small claim. There are fistfuls of world changing ideas in the space community today. Things that can either shatter our civilization or make it better. Topics that might whet your appetite for more:

  • Practically Infinite Location Independent Renewable Energy
  • A Printing Press for Gold
  • An Everywhere Internet Signal

That’s just three concepts, and there are tons more where that came from.

Communicating the ideas about what can be done in space is important. It’s the critical gap that hasn’t been filled. Many plans remain shelved because it’s simply too difficult to explain them (or sell them). Space enthusiasts just aren’t that good at advertising, marketing, or promoting. The fundamental lacking in the space industry right now is that few know what we’re (or they’re) talking about. This website is an effort to fill that gap.