Oceanic Depths Figure complete

June 4, 2016 -

The scanned page from a textbook that was the previous oceanic depths figure has been upgraded. Now its not so boring.


Algae aren’t given credit for their share of the work they do. 90% of all photosynthesis on the planet (earth) that happens is done by algae, not trees. Most algae are in the ocean, and they eat nutrients that are in the water. However, most of the nutrients are in the depths. The reason the entire ocean is not abloom with algae is because the algae only bloom when the water is whipped up from the bottom by currents. The algae are eaten by krill, krill by fish, etc. and the fish livestock are kept fed. One ‘proposed’ method for controlling the CO2 is using the ocean to absorb more of it with algae blooms. ¬†An interesting character, Russ George has fertilized the ocean to see if this works. Apparently, there are many ways to feed the fish.