Finished a redo on Figure 10 “GEO – Earth’s Ring”

March 20, 2016 -

Think about GEO, or Geostationary, orbit as a place just slightly past LEO (low earth orbit). It takes a massive amount of energy to get from ground to orbit, but the height is only 200+ some odd miles. However, GEO being 22,000 miles doesn’t require nearly as much fuel/energy to get to from LEO. Thus, in space distance is not the key to determining how to get there, but the relative velocities of the different locations. The word locations being a loosely used term because each place is unique in description.

The thing that everyone knows about GEO is that it appears as a fixed point on the ground. The thing that most don’t know about GEO is that the sun shines all day long and twice as bright there. Its the perfect place for turning solar panels into renewable base-load electricity.

I present to you an updated Figure 10: “GEO – Earth’s Ring”