The Winter Solstace of 2013 – Did China just land on the moon?

December 21, 2013 -

China landed on the moon! That’s great news, and it’s the reason that I did not post anything on the last full moon. No it’s not because of the seasons shuffle. It’s not even because I haven’t had time to get anything done. Heck it’s not even from some technical difficulty.

The recent news that China landed a modern (and impressive) piece of hardware on the moon might be the most overlooked story of the year. It’s made me take pause to rethink how valuable this website really is. Remember the book is already written, I’m just combing through it slowly and making the figures. Time might not afford me this luxury anymore in the New Year.

At first, I thought that the Chinese moon landing was meant to coincide with the last full moon of 2013. This would be ridiculous because the Chinese new year is January 31st, and the landing happened a few days before the Full moon. In addition, the Chinese calendar is based on the moon, as opposed to the Julian calendar westerners use based on the sun/seasons.

I did consider taking part in the usual media frenzy that happens every time that news comes out, but decided that this would miss the point (much like missing the point of Christmas). Think about it for a bit, This website is named ‘colonize the moon’ and there is now a serious possibility of a Chinese colony on the moon. It’s not to shabby of a story, and it’s not lost on me.

Depth~ consider the backdrop of the surrounding world on this one bit of news. There are but a scant few days before it becomes the last real news of the year for western countries. So as the sun sets on the shortest day of the year, I think next year is going to be pretty good.

Good Things to come