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This website is an effort to translate vast amounts of technical jargon into easily understandable terms. The concept is to express the ideas of space advocates in language that is not difficult to grasp. There are some very exciting things, but often the long winded explanations dampen the excitement. Here the effort is to make the words palatable.

The Book:       SpaceWars 0.31 Alpha (pdf)

More explanation…

The bounds are pretty simple. What can humans do in space? Not traveling to other stars, but what we know ‘can’ be done in our lifetimes. Taking the time and patience to read a space resource or technical book about Mars, Asteroids, or the Moon is a difficult task. Fiction in this realm does not exist. There is a huge gap between the fiction, and reality.

This website is neither science nor science fiction. It does not fit in either category. The term ‘hard science fiction’ might apply. However, the genre still implies science rather than engineering or communication.

Science fiction leaves huge gaps in understanding what outer-space is. Science itself relies on very long detailed and exact explanations. Here the highly complicated verbiage is reduced to ideas that don’t take so much to explain. The term fiction still applies, but the strategy is to cut out as much fiction as possible.

Possible simple terms for this place:

Engineering Fiction

Hard Science Fiction

Near Earth Space Fiction

Moon, Mars, Asteroid Play

Fiction limited Sci-Fi

Soft Engineering